"Our mission is to build a community of students passionate about exploring and sharing their understanding of neuroscience"

The Undergraduate Neuroscience Organization is a group of undergraduate students at the University of Georgia who are focused on the pursuit of understanding through neuroscience.  We aim to serve UGA, the Athens community, and also people everywhere affected by neurodegenerative diseases, by teaching the value of neuroscience and by showing the necessity of excellence in research.  We were founded in October of 2008 as an official University of Georgia organization, and we have been growing ever since.
 We strive to create a sense of fellowship and community among students at UGA who share a passion for learning about the human brain.  We hope to also create an association that strengthens the academic and professional needs of those pursuing medical school, graduate school, or other studies in the sciences.  We provide opportunities for leadership and networking among students, and between students and faculty.  We engage in philanthropic projects to aid basic neuroscience research and to spread awareness of the practical benefits of striving to unlock the secrets of the brain and of pushing back the frontiers of science.

You may contact us by e-mail at ugaUNO@gmail.com for any reason.
For prospective members, click the “New Members” button above.  Check the calendar or Facebook to see what's happening now.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Richard Suplita
Office Rm 218 Psychology

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